The  Mini-BOT has all the same wonderful qualities of the Original GO-BOT, but with more maneuverability within a small classroom or house setting.
The Mini-BOT will not operate in the grass, dirt, or gravel.

Turns on a dime
Provides mobility and independence
Operates in confined spaces
Several seating and standing frames will work in the mini-bot body



Mini Bot with Stanford Stander

The Beginner Stander
Is made of wood, it allows you to position a child from horizontal (laying) to vertical (straight up standing) with the twist of one knob on the back of the mounting frame. This frame works with either the Mini-Bot or GO-BOT. It comes with stretchy straps which allow Velcro hook attachment for easy positioning. Straps are supplied for support on the torso and waist areas of the body. The knee blocks are of real soft dipped foam again with Velcro strapping making it very easy to find the perfect position location. Slotted holes run from top to bottom on Beginner board making it very easy to find the perfect position location. The arm supports have foam padding to protect the child's hips plus lateral supports. The arms also have adjustment knobs behind the Beginners back making it very easy to adjust. The standard tray is opaque, it has 1" straps which wrap around the back of the arm adjustment knobs making it very easy to install and remove.
Positioning Suggestions:
Everyone has there way but a suggestion is to lay the Beginner Stander on its back or at 45 deg angle to start with. Lay the child on his/her back, next put on the knee blocks (support something behind the knee), now install the waist strap, and torso straps. I would then stand the child into a standing position, next slide the arm supports so that the arm is in a normal position, now install the tray system being sure to wrap the straps under the arm positioning knobs, this keeps the tray secure. Position the child to the desired and angle and proceed on from there with either switches or joystick operation. 
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